How to get here?


Bali hotel is situated in Khur small city , in the edge of the central desert of Iran.

To reach khur there are different options:

– by bus from cities like Teheran (South terminal), Esfahan (Kaveh terminal) or Yazd (Homafaran square).
Notice that the buses stop at the , Khur, from there you can easily find a taxi to Bali hotel
It’s 1km and costs 3000 Rials 1$.

– by your own car, almost all of the roads are asphalted and in a good shape.

– by train or plane to Yazd, Eshafan or Tabas and from there with a taxi to Khur.


During your stay in khur and depending on your time you can go for walk in Palm garden and Khur city. You can also visit old mosque and old home’s.

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